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Honeycutt Upholstery, Custom furniture upholstery

                         Which will work best for your furniture needs?

There’s a difference. If a sofa or chair is in good shape on the inside, and all it needs is a fresh new fabric on the outside, that's recovering. When a piece needs work on the inside, either partially or totally-new webbing, re-tied springs, new fillings, re-cushioning,  that's reupholstering.  We will tailor the need to your furniture,  and will work from the frame,  up.  The process combines new and advanced materials with skill and style, creating the finished piece. 

With Honeycutt Upholstery you are in the hands of a professional,  getting a full measure of value for your money and quality that’s hard to match.

So,  if you have a lumpy old sofa or a frayed chair that’s beginning to shed its stuffing,  take another look before dismissing it as a “has been“.  Honeycutt Upholstery knows its potential and can make the most of it.  You will see a fashionable new piece bounce back out of the old one!

Contact Billy Honeycutt,  Honeycutt Upholstery,  for all your upholstery needs.

Honeycutt Upholstery
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